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As an extension arm of New-Ray Toys Co., Ltd., New-Rays Toys (CA) Inc. is a main branch office being set up in United States since 1998. The main purpose and company goal is to serve our clients from the forefront level and implant a distribution network in domestic basis for fulfilling the sophisticated market demand.

Having the continuous expansion on various licensing die cast replicas, we are eager to formulate different kind of marketing campaigns every year. Product presentation is executed by attending several major exhibitions in the following schedule.

New York Toy Fair – February
American International Motorcycle Expo - October
Dallas Preview Toy Fair - October
And more...

Not only product promotion, but rendering interpersonal contact and idea sharing to various customers are also the key factor for the company to success. We strongly believe that it is the core foundation of the mutual benefit with each business partner to grow.

With well-equipped facilities in warehouse and professional staff, it is capable for New-Ray Toys (CA) Inc. to be a distribution center in California and digest all the domestic shipments in the most efficient and economic way. Our independent sales representatives and aggressive distributors have established a steady connection with different class of retailers and chain store groups to enhance our product penetration reaching to each end consumer throughout the country. Of course, courtesy, helpfulness, promptness and a friendly attitude are all the guarantee and added-value on our New-Ray product.

At the new era, we are set on creating greater awareness of the brand name and New-Ray Toys (CA) Inc. will take advantage of the hype by introducing the rising brand into giant stores and toy specialists in United States. Excellent support with client will definitely be continued and we will be more receptive of the rapid marketing trend to ensure that each customer feedback and demand can be greatly satisfied. In fact, it is also a main reason for us to keep creating the high quality product for bringing fun and excitement to people's lives.

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